How do I chose the right sunglasses?

I don’t know about you but when it comes to choosing sunglasses I’m lost and end up choosing the ones that sit best on my head! 😂😂😂

I’m invariably drawn to a bold shape or a vibrant colour but then find none that suit me and leave deflated and disappointed.

Well, I now know, there is a reason to this shopping disaster and it’s not just my judgement that is in question!

Faces come in all shapes and sizes (no surprises there!) but did you know that it’s the shape of your face that determines what glasses look best on you?

picture showing woman with a square face shape

My face, like the one on this model is square, that means the width of my face is pretty much the same as my length and to anyone that knows me well, I command a strong jaw line too!

 So to soften my face and draw attention to my eyes, I need to look at rounded shapes, shapes that don’t add angles but soften the look of my face.

But what shapes suit a round face?


A round face has lots of curves but not as many angles, the length of the face is equal to the width so to give a bit more definition to this face shape, you need to steer away from round glasses and focus towards the more angled and over-sized ones.

Luckily for you, the fashion is full of fabulously oversized glasses and you will be spoilt for choice

Finally the classic oval shaped face. Could this be you?

When it comes to an oval shape, we have explored Lucy, our new manager’s glorious face in detail in our live at @numbertwentyberko.But, for the purpose of this blog, here is an image of a model  

Lucky Lucy has an oval face and, as luck would have it, oval faces are just perfect for sunglasses!

An oval face has all the right proportions, gentle curves with even features which makes choosing sun glasses an absolute ball! Go square, go round or oversized, you will look fabulous in every single one of them. 

Powder Sunglasses  Mandarin  
  Powder Sunglasses  Mahogany

Why should we wear sunglasses?

As you can imagine there are a multitude of reasons why we should protect your eyes from the sun but the reason I love best, features in Runners Athletic It can slow down getting wrinkles around your eyes and that, for me, is the only incentive I need!

We had lots of fun at our live and if you want to join in, send us some pics and leave us a comment on our store Instagram account @numbertwentyberko we can’t wait to see what you have chosen.

Our team at the store in Berkhamsted is at the ready to guide you if you are in any doubt as to what shape your face truly is.

As revealed in our live audience, we also would like to tempt you with a little incentive, a 15% discount on all the sunglasses in store and on line! 

Enjoy the sunshine wherever it might be!