Oh why oh why is it so hard to buy for the men in our lives?

Simple answer: they buy what they want, when they want.

So are we destined to traipse around the shops in search of inspiration? No no no, we have the secret solution here!
We are a step ahead and have found what they don’t know they want yet.
So here we go, a whistle stop tour of our gifts curated to match our dad’s personality.

Let’s start with our outdoorsy dads, the hikers, the cyclists, the gardeners and the campers.

Light weight and space saving, the urban water bottle come in a huge range of colours. The wide mouth even allows for some ice cubes to be dropped in for that perfect chilling drink!  


Any camper worth his salt will know to expect rain and what’s better than showing off their sporting prowess with a few competitive trivia games.

 Every sportsman deserves down time. So why not find the perfect mug and pair it with the tipple of their choice! 



For the adventurer at heart, sun seeker or simply the dreamer  


 Music lovers need not be neglected with our range of funky and sleek Gingko speaker.  


 If the beach is on the cards this summer and he’s likely to insist on flying light, the solution is this super light, super sand repelling, quick trying towel which folds into a neat pouch.

So far it’s been go go go, but if your dad is more likely to be burried in a book rather than cycling up a hill, then our bookworm boxes will hit the spot.
You can even pick the genre and add a bar of chocolate for good measure.

Or surprise them with this Gingko Amber Crystal Life - gift of the year winner!

At the end of the day, what fathers will never tire of hear is how much we love them.

And to those fathers that particularly deserve this 😉 we even have a giant chocolate gold medal!