Treasuring Friendships

Just to say

Let me think, how often do I think of my dearest friend, Jill, but do nothing? Many many times.

How often do I actually get together for a walk? Oh my goodness I have to confess it’s no more than every 2/3 months.

Time just flies with a full time job and a family to look after.

Rather ridiculously, it’s international friendship day on 30th July and that got me thinking how nice it would be to let her know how often she crops up in my thoughts.

Jill is an avid reader and is an open minded kind of person who relishes new reads so the bookworm range will be just perfect.

While I’m at it, for my lovely friend Julia who has just redesigned her garden, I will be sending her an artesan bird nester (as bird nesters are not just for spring). 

Caroline, who loves entertaining in the garden, will get one or even two of these fun tea lights.

And Phil, my sister in law who is a great friend and a chocolate lover, will obviously be expecting a high quality chocolate bar so voila’ I have just the thing for her!

Here are my top card picks for them. All make my heart sing! I can even ask the team at @shopforgood to write the cards for me and send them out with the gifts all wrapped up. No wrapping, no frantic box finding and no trip to the post office! 🎉🎉🎉

Asters in Bloomsbury Jug


Red Hot Pokers

Song Thrush

So who is up for celebrating friendships and sending a ‘just because’ gift?

This is a true story and all names are not fictitious!