Want to be creative in keeping warm this winter?

Grouping together a whole lot of previously unthinkable ways of retaining heat and keeping warm this winter, means we will alight on some totally ridiculous suggestions. Or are they?What tops the chart in our book is a nose mask! Why would a nose warmer keep you warm and not just look ridiculous? Well, let me tell you, this fashion accessory might help keep your nose warm when you are concentrating so much on a task that the blood floods to your brain instead. These thermal images from University of Nottingham support this theory! 


The question is - would you rather be cold or wear one of these?

Our more than sensible and supremely more stylish alternative is to wrap a warm scarf around your neck and nose. I’m a big fan of scarves worn indoors as a fashion accessory.A close second is the advise given by Reader's Digest they report slipping on marigolds over your usual gloves. Although rubber gloves may not make any task (other than washing up) very easy.

Is wearing many thin layers better than one thick one?Certainly that is exactly what the Government leaflet on keeping warm this winter, advocates.

So our super cheeky lot @shopforgood have come up with a stylish modification for an overall more dignified solution!

Why not wear a pair of thin white gloves and then select more conventionally fashionable gloves from one of our reloved chic boxes.

 Re-Loved Chic box

 We have a full selection of leather, vegan leather and knitted gloves paired with warm scarves or wraps for the perfectly stylish winter warming look.And what about putting your pet on your lap? Yes, that really was a suggestion by OVO Energy!

 Dog warming a woman up

Our mantra is, the bigger the pet the warmer you’ll get!

If a pet is hard to get to or won’t play ball (excuse the puns!) then one of our furry hot water bottles will do the trick.Keeping the oven door open after cooking makes sense but is a danger to households with children! By the way, leaving your air frier open won’t have the same effect!

Can alcohol keep you warm?No, it can't. Alcohol brings your blood to the surface and away from your core,  meaning you will feel flush and warm for a bit but cold to the core soon after. Keeping hydrated on the other hand is a must. So a hot mug of coffee will be much more effective.

And if you keep it in a thermal cup it will retain the heat for longer.

 Hot water cup

Will lowering the heating in my house make me thinner?In theory it should do just that as lower temperatures promote the super helpful brown fat which has the capacity to burn energy to create heat. Now that is good news post Christmas!