What are the benefits of rewilding my garden?

Rewilding has certainly become a buzz in recent times. It is no surprise, as rewilding empowers each and every one of us to take agency, get closer to nature, and to reconnect with what is just around the corner while enabling nature to flourish again.

Want to start rewilding today?

Here are some easy steps to follow.

As the grass grows, don’t mow it, don’t weed it! Just let it be. Pollinators, insects and birds will love it!

Add more colour and achieve the meadow feel by planting our very ingenious seedballs. Each seedball contains a mix of annuals and perennials. Select the one you love best.
    Add a bug hotel to make those beneficial insects stick around, eat pests and start pollinating. Don’t forget our bees need somewhere safe to nest too.

      Add a bee-cell to a pile of twigs or logs or even on your window sill to provide them with safe shelter

      A skep will not only give shelter to bees and encourage nesting but will also be a great addition to other insects too. Hand made by economically disadvantaged women artisans using seagrass and recycled saris, it just looks amazing in the garden, adding an almost sculptural feel.

      As it becomes harder for birds to find trees old enough to have holes for them to nest they are increasingly deserting our gardens. But we can halt that trend and encourage them back by introducing our own nests. We have selected these organic shaped artisan nests as they have a thicker edging around the hole which enables birds to perch and look out for predators. These nests have hooks at the back so they are super easy to fix. Ideally place them near a source of food: your rewilded patch of grass is ideal.

       To encourage hedgehogs to come into your garden, top up your hedgehog diet with some dog or cat food and leave a snack bowl out at night. The snacks you put out should be just that, a snack. Hedgehogs need to eat insects in the main, hence your rewilding action again!

      Back at HQ, we have a live stream of a bird nesting and will aim to make this available to view very soon.

      Please share with us your rewilding progress. We would love to hear from you!